DroidUX And Ice Cream Sandwich

on Friday, 21 October 2011. Posted in Android, DroidUX

They Get Along Just Fine

DroidUX And Ice Cream Sandwich

Just like about any other Android enthusiasts, we are very excited with the just released long-awaited upgrade to the Android OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich.  And if you haven't read the well-written piece by Joshua Topolsky of the interview with Android’s Head of User Experience Matias Duarte, in which he described the evolving design philosophy of Android user experience, we certainly recommend that you take the time to read it.  It's well worth your time.

Now that the latest SDK has been released, we have tested the DroidUX components for compatibility with the Ice Cream Sandwich.  Mind you that we tested only on emulator since we don't have access to the real device yet.

We are very happy to report that all of our components are fully compatible with the latest version of the Android OS, with only one very minor issue.  We have fixed the issue and will be included in the upcoming release of the DroidUX library. 


Known Issue

  1. When you are using the same instance of QuickAction List or QuickTooltip widget, and show it in two or more different locations (for example, by showing on different anchor), the padding of the popup window might be incorrect.  This issue occurs only on the SDK API level 14 (Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich).  As we have tested it only on the emulator, we're not sure whether this issue will also occur in the real device.  But in any case, we have fixed it and will include the fix in the upcoming release of DroidUX library.
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