• Your Ideas. Your Apps. Your Success.
  • Your Needs. Our Expertise
  • Our Solution. Your Profit.
  • Your Ideas. Your Apps. Your Success.

    Transform your ideas into successful apps for the Android platform. DroidUX™ library includes comprehensive collection of UI controls/widgets and components, to help you deliver mobile experience that will really wow your users.

    Whether just prototyping or creating your next killer apps, DroidUX helps you to build your Android apps faster, easier, and better.
    DroidUX apps
  • Your Needs. Our Expertise.

    Developing successful Android apps involves a lot of aspects that need solutions that are robust and reliable. We are experts in apps and components design and development, and we're very passionate about helping you creating and delivering high performing Android apps that are solving problems in ways that impressive, inspiring and effective. Our Support team are very knowledgeable, not only about our products but also the platform in general, and more than ready to provide assistance to find solutions to your problems.
    DroidUX apps
  • Our Solution. Your Profits.

    If you're looking for a solution to transform your ideas into successful apps with stunning UI and outstanding user experiences, you've come to the right place. DroidUX™ is the first and the best Android UI library in the world, that includes a comprehensive collection of high-quality, effective, and easy-to-use components, that will surely become an indispensable part of your apps development ventures. 

    Whether you're developing for hobby or profits, our products, service and support, will help you boost productivity, save time, deliver satisfaction, and maximize results.
    DroidUX apps


  • Save time.

    Save time. Save money.

    Do not reinvent the wheel and wasting time to reimplement the same components. Use your time to innovate and develop new ideas.

  • Fast delivery.

    Faster delivery.

    Quickly develop high-quality apps using easy-to-use components. Meet your deadlines and satisfy your clients without compromising quality.

  • Reliable.

    Produce reliable apps.

    Our widgets and components are designed, implemented and tested for performance, flexibility, ease of use, and robustness.

  • Increase.

    Increase productivity.

    You will easily become more productive and produce more and better apps, with over 60 ready-to-use components currently included in our complete library.

  • Expert.

    Expert technical support.

    Our support team are very knowledgeable, not only about our own products but also the platform in general, and are more than ready to provide high quality support.

  • Trust.

    Partner you can trust.

    We continuously innovate to provide the best solutions to help you deliver apps that are solving problems in ways that impressive, inspiring and effective.

Subscription Suites

pro subscription

Pro Suite

The Best of the Best

Your Pro Suite subscription includes our complete and extensive collection of UI components, currently comprising over 60 optimized high-quality widgets and components.

Access to our Customer Portal

You will have access to our Customer Portal system during your subscription term, to receive FREE updates, technical supports, and other Premium resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Over 60 top-end components
  • Fast and lightweight widgets
  • High quality codes
  • 1-year access to our Customer Portal
  • 1-year FREE updates and access to premium resources
  • Access to our experts technical support team

Start building your next killer apps and deliver stunning experience that wows your users by taking action today.

UI Packs

If you have specific needs for particular components only, and don't need subscription, we offer modular solutions that include only closely related components.

  • Action Pack

    Allow your users to interact easily and intuitively with your apps.

     The Action Pack includes widgets and components that enables you to effortlessly present a select of actions for your users to choose.


  • Commons Pack

    The Commons Pack includes widgets and components commonly used in most apps.

    Most of the widgets offers feature enhancements and performance improvements from the standard widgets included in the Android SDK.


  • Gallery Pack

    Comprising our most popular components, the GalleryFlow™ widgets, the Gallery Pack enables you to effortlessly build visually stunning and engadging interface that makes your apps stand above the fray.

     With widgets such as the GalleryFlowCover, GalleryFlowCarousel, and others, the Gallery Pack helps you to deliver compelling mobile experience that your users expect from next generation apps.


  • Layouts Pack

    The Layouts Pack makes it easy for you to integrate enhanced look and capabilities into your otherwise dull and boring views and layouts.

    Whether you need to add a reflection, or having a rounded corner, or even irregularly formed views and layouts for your activities, the Layouts Pack empowers you to think and do outside the box.


  • List Pack

    The List Pack puts the ListView widget, one of the most important and most used widget in the Android platform, in the supercharge mode.

    Your apps will benefit not only from how easy it is to incorporate modern features and design patterns into the apps, such as working with web images, load-on-demand, pull-to-refresh, etc, but will also benefits from a boost in performance and robustness.


  • Wheel Pack

    The Wheel Pack delivers powerful, customizable and easy-to-use wheel widgets allowing you to build UI most appropriate to your customer’s requirements.

    It deepens and enriches your UI toolbox with new and powerful UI components for the Android platform, the wheel widgets, that enable you to build immersive and engadging user experience.



DroidUX API Demos

See It In Action

Download the API Demos application and see how it works.

Download Here

what our clients say

  • Great job on the new release! Will be replacing some of our internal views with yours
    Andy, USA
  • Awesome support, thanks for the quick reply!
    Gerard, Netherland
  • I'm very happy with the support quality and also the product quality
    Levy, Israel